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11-Aug-2017 06:10

Unlike some BIM solutions that reject the concept of layers, ARCHICAD’s methodology is fully extensible and customizable by each user.It allows creative adaptation for all project types, sizes, and phases, as well as accommodating a range of user preferences and output requirements.If you opens the Layer Settings dialog box and looks through the list, then guesses which layer(s) to turn on, it may be hit or miss.It may take several tries and some frustration to find and show all the data that is needed.At this point, of course, the layer combination has been modified manually, and the Quick Options palette will show that a custom layer combination is in effect: TIP: If you haven’t been using the Quick Options palette, this may be unfamiliar to you.It can be shown or hidden using Window / Palettes / Quick Options, or by clicking the Quick Options button (third from the left at the bottom left of most working windows, next to the drawing scale button).

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ARCHICAD’s concept of Layer Combinations is integrated beautifully into the definition of views to guarantee that drawings are created and maintained with predictable sets of information without effort.

command lets more than one user work on a large project.

By breaking the project down into many files, one user can edit a part of the project while another user edits a different file.

Note that the ARCHICAD v12 version of Quick Options (pictured above) has been expanded and now also controls pensets, partial structure display, and dimension settings.

If you need to re-use this particular custom layer combination, either for modeling/editing or for output, then it may be appropriate and useful to create and name a new Layer Combination in the Layer Settings dialog box: If you don’t need to re-use this custom layer combination, then when the current modeling or editing task is completed, simply choose a layer combination from the Quick Options palette, or double-click a view in the View Map to activate a layer combination.Worksession Manager Status Marks the file that is currently open for editing.

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