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25-Dec-2017 14:52

Seizing on the opportunity, email prankster @SINON_REBORN — who previously targeted top administration members and fooled a few, including Anthony Scaramucci — emailed Breitbart's editor-in-chief Alex Marlow from [email protected] discuss his "plans" for going after Ivanka and [email protected]_REBORN tweeted the exchange, which contains some, uh, interesting quotes: In a statement to CNN, Marlow said "The obsession with Breitbart News is simply a result of our effectiveness.

It is never a good idea to make rude gestures in parliament. Angry and frustrated during an important debate, Portuguese Economy Minister Manuel Pinho decided to show an opposition MP exactly what he thought of him.

It is from an anthropological record of the Hausa people, partly compiled from an oral account given by Baba (1877-1951), the daughter of a Hausa farmer and Koranic teacher, and translated by May K. The poem refers to a barber who is also a pimp, with a purely businesslike attitude to love.

Located in western Africa and on the Atlantic Ocean, Nigeria is the seventh most populous country in the world and has one of its largest economies.

Another example of the Yoruba poetic chants sung at the funerals of dead hunters.

See Iremoje for the background and for other examples of this genre.

The equivalent words in French and other languages applied to both the bird and the adulterer; cuckold has never been applied to the bird in English.

​Steve Bannon left the White House last Friday and returned to Breitbart News, the right-wing outlet he'd headed prior to taking a role in Trump's administration.Another Yoruba Ijala (Hunting Poems), addressed to the guinea fowl, but with this difference – that instead of celebrating, the hunter makes fun of himself.