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Series creator Josh Schwartz was only 26—the youngest showrunner in network television at the time—and had never produced a TV show.

The cast was filled largely with unknowns, and whatever momentum the show did generate in the early going would be stymied by the Fox network’s baseball-playoff schedule. Suffice it to say, the deck was not stacked in ‘s favor.

While the show has been off the air since 2007, its cultural impact has lasted through the years, including its hand in launching reality TV's fascination with the Southern California county.

— aka the defining teen soap opera of the early 2000s — is over a decade old.

“We wrapped on Friday, and we were picked up on Monday,” he tells Lindhome.

“They started building sets, and we were on the air in August … I didn’t know that during a lighting setup, after you rehearsed, that you can step out because the stand-ins will come in. The way I like to think of it is it kind of ended up being a bit of a graduate school in the sense of it was like four years.” And when Lindhome starts talking about creator Josh Schwartz, who was also in his 20s when the show began, Mc Kenzie admits, “We were all babies.

Once the pilot aired, however, Schwartz and Fox managed to turn those disadvantages to the show’s favor.

The summer start-date enabled Fox to air the now-infamous pilot three times while growing a devoted audience.

Even an unfortunate encounter with a menacing Las Vegas pimp could have a happy ending.

That also includes “Burlesque” co-star Christina Aguilera.

But it was not just Mischa and Ben that Cam was unimpressed by, he also took aim at all the show's young stars - which also included Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody - accusing them of sabotaging the show.

C.’s” resident moody princess Marissa Cooper, Mischa Barton, got an even more dismissive brushoff. They were young.” See video: Cam Gigandet Brings Hot, Steamy, Southern Courtroom Drama to CBS Summer Series ‘Reckless’ (Video) But at least Gigandet is an equal opportunity snubber.

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“I don’t talk to anyone I’ve ever worked with,” he tells Elle.

C.” Turns out, the experience wasn’t such a pleasant one.