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29-Dec-2017 17:07

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Samantha is a walking pop culture encyclopaedia with a thing for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the evolution of rock music.

She is totally open to discussions on Benedict Cumberbatch, fan fiction and a million other things.

The 3Rs – race, religion and royalty – keep us in check, and safely divided.

For years, Muslims have been told what to do by the ulamas.

The ulamas, like the political leaders, are obsessed with power. However, a thinking Malay can see past their warped thinking.

Touching dogs is not going to lead to touching pigs or eating non-halal food. It is the ulamas and their obsession with sex which makes the thinking Malay question why the ulama are stupid and shallow. The ulamas must realise that in Saudi Arabia, the Bedouin tribesmen hunt with dogs (the Salukis), as in Afghanistan (the Afghan hounds).

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They are afraid that they will no longer be of relevance in a modern world which does not believe in the 3Rs.The people learnt to bond – not just dog with humans, but Muslims and non-Muslims.