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There is also drama because Finn has since joined glee club, but then he quit, and then he rejoined and is now bossing everyone around according to Kurt.

Kurt says he doesn't trust Finn and thinks the star quarterback is going to push them out.

Schue announces that in addition to New Directions, there will be several glee clubs, including a JV version.

He won't be coaching any of these glee clubs, but that doesn't stop him from singing to everyone with his ukulele.

She's already friends with Artie, who says he's in love with her because she sees beyond his wheelchair and treats him like a real person.

After dumping their disgusting lunches on Rachel and Kurt, Artie and Tina's prickly clique dares them both to try out for the glee club.

But Artie comes to his defense at an emergency meeting by recalling the entire incident from the pilot when Finn rescued him from the porta-potty and wheeled Artie all the way home after the fact.

He considers changing his tune when he learns that Terri is "pregnant" so of course Rachel goes to Sheets-N-Things to talk Terri out of talking Will out of his job at Mc Kinley.

(If you're not, it's time to send a search party for your soul.) It's a really beautiful way to pay tribute to Cory by showing what will always be one of Glee's most memorable performances, and to honor what he and his character meant to Glee and the glee club, respectively.

The second hour begins by flashing forward back to present day. Back at Mc Kinley High, Will gets a visit from Superintendent Harris, who tells him that Mc Kinley High is becoming a performing arts school because it turns out cutting out the arts didn't help test scores all that much.

- and asks for her help in picking out a song to sing. The minute she signs up for glee club, Rachel is unsurprisingly all up in her grill about her impressive confidence and her diaphragm and says she wants to be friends. Rachel shows up at Mercedes' church to see her sing and prove her good intentions, but a very defensive Mercedes still isn't having it.

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Next up is Tina aka "Wu-Tang Witch" according to Puck, who proclaims how happy she is to be anti-popular, and anti-conformity and faking a stutter."We should be proud for what we did and who we included" when we look back on our time here, she says.

Daryl Graham (Lamman Rucker) has just moved into a Jamaica, Queens, apartment building and his neighbors, both male and female alike, can't stop talking about him.… continue reading »

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