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14-Jul-2017 22:29

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We need to design the building for longevity so that the chance of the timber warping for example and therefore does not seal draughts effectively (hence more heating) is minimal.So as an Architect, Eco means helping to reduce your carbon footprint from the smallest of details to making this work for as long as possible, as well as educating its occupants to maintain this easily and effectively.Yes it’s true that for every tree sacrificed to build the house we can plant enough trees to put the carbon back into the atmosphere, and the house ‘looks eco’. We need to take a future thinking approach, such as making sure that the house is still ‘Eco’ for years to come.This means we need to look at what the timber will be treated or painted in for the carbon cost to stay low.

These jobs became ones that weren’t mutually beneficial to both of us, but more us serving the client with lack of payment and benefit to us.

We became slaves to our own work, sometimes working for very little or no money in order to keep the client happy and to retain the jobs.

Looking back I have realised that this was not needed.

Whilst one team is treated, Sterling head to the Losers Cafe with a warning from Lord Sugar that despite Stephen’s wager, he is going to judge them all equally and fairly when deciding who was responsible for the failure of the task.

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Next, Lord Sugar told Stephen that, in his opinion, although Ricky made a couple of mistakes he brought in most of the money, whereas Stephen and Gabrielle were, 'running around like a couple of headless chickens.'Unfortunately for Gabrielle and Stephen, Karren didn't rate them highly and said they were, 'equally as bad as each other throughout the task.

Gabrielle Omar has carved out an enviable career in business, architecture and design.

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