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22-Sep-2017 23:49

[Read: The good side of rebound relationships] Start a platonic relationship This is like walking on a landmine. You may want to be friends but all both of you need is a lonely street or the backseat of a car to change your relationship status in an instant.So are you ready to take a chance on being friends with an ex?Really, what can you get out of a relationship that’s never going to attain its former glory?

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If you feel like you lost a special friend who’s important beyond sex, then perhaps the best way to reconnect with your ex is by using a social network.

Once you’re both able to pull off a friendly conversation via a social network, and even braved a chance on speaking over the phone, it’s time to meet face to face.

For starters, you could meet with common friends or you could catch up for a coffee, not to reminiscence about your broken romance, but to talk about the option of becoming friends.

And somewhere inside, you want to fill all that space again with whatever you can salvage out of that dead relationship.

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[Read: How to get over a broken heart in 15 steps] How to be friends with an ex Trying to be friends with an ex is similar to a monkey trying a poke a tiger’s butt with a stick.The media mogul tied the knot in March with the actress, who was previously in a long-term relationship with Mick Jagger.