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01-Sep-2017 18:12

Get into a taxi and tell the driver to take you to: EDSA Entertainment Center in Pasay. listen, im not looking to date hookers, im looking to date normal girls. Because you will want to be giving out lots of numbers if you want to hook up. I got one number and that girl basically said she has to work so she has no time to show me around. I've been going around trying to chat up girls at SM mall, mall of asia, etc.. it seems to be all this Happier Abroad propaganda is being spread by Winston and his posse. i spent thousands of dollars for a plane ticket and hotel to be ignored by women half way across the world. I came all the way here to see her and she is not in the mood to meet up? how friggin rude, and she thinks that this isnt wrong? I’ve not made my way to the Philippines yet but I have been planning to for a while.

You need to imbibe some sexuality for a couple of days and see how the local race acts even there. It will also help you relax and feel entertained for a while. As far as the normal girls go, do you have a cellphone with a SIM card now? I have a prepaid simcard that I bought a few days ago. I was chatting with this girl on a dating site for a long time, many hours almost every night for 2 months. she tells me that she is "not in the mood" to meet up.

It appears most of the dates that people are getting here and reporting back are from hookers.

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So since you're in Manila and you're not interested in the typical foreigner bars with easy girls, you will have to visit somewhat normal nightlife places.If in my first trip,i was thinking to hit every malls,hungry to find some chicks fastly,willing to give my number quickly hoping to hook with a girl..i think that i would have failed totally,and doing by this way,i would feel annoyed thinking incorrectly and having wrong conclusion about Thai girls.